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Dialysis on Holiday in Cyprus

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Haemodialysis in Cyprus, Dialysis on holiday
Royal Artemis Medical Centre, Paphos, Cyprus

Dialysis while on holidays by the sea in Paphos, Cyprus Featured

Dialysis while on holidays by the sea in Paphos, Cyprus

The enormous steps forward made in medical science over the past years, have made it possible to those of us who are unfortunate enough to have health problems to enjoy their holidays, even if this was considered impossible a few years ago.

The Royal Artemis Haemodialysis Unit has been established to give the opportunity to people that need haemodialysis, whose life depends on dialysis even when they are on holiday, to have the opportunity to enjoy a nice vacation. Those in need to visit a dialysis centre on a regular basis do not have to stay home anymore to follow their treatments. The possibility to travel to a popular tourist destination like Paphos, and enjoy the sea and the perfect weather, plenty of natural beauties and interesting tourist attractions while taking care of your haemodialysis needs is now a reality.

Please see what patients who visited us during their holidays in Paphos say about our dialysis holidays center.

English, German, Russian and Greek speaking personnel work in the Medical Center and they are always ready to assist you and make you feel just like at home. Should you plan your holidays in Paphos, Cyprus and need our haemodialysis services, please fill in the following form at least four weeks prior to your arrival in order to plan all the necessary arrangements for your haemodialysis needs. The safety of our patients, visitors and personnel is our first priority, hence we only accept people with a recently proven negative status for HIV, HBV and HBC. Please note that we NEVER re-use dialysers.

For any haemodialysis inquiries, please feel free to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We will be more than happy to address any questions or anxieties you may have.


Enjoy your holiday in Cyprus having piece of mind regarding your dialysis needs. Patients all over Europe visit our dialysis centre every year.

Dialysis center in Cyprus providing kidney dialysis treatment facilities for residents and travellers to the island. BOOK YOUR DIALYSIS SESSION WITH US.

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Haemodialysis on holiday in Paphos, Cyprus. Leading Cyprus Private Hospital able to cover all your kidney dialysis needs when you fly to Cyprus.

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